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The Meaning of [500 Loving Meals]

[500 Loving Meals] is the free meal service to support poor children in the world to make them have a proper meal per day and a humanly living as well. By becoming a [500 Loving Meals] Member, contributing $250 every month can support one day meal for more than 500 poor children as a head cook of the day. The first table was already begun in Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia and has been offering 500 children nutritious breakfast every day. The second table for the children in a jungle area of Amazon is in a preparatory stag
[2018-04-26] [Ethiopia] Installation of women's toilets for Kenenissa elementary school
[2018-04-26] [Ethiopia] Supporting the empowerment programs for teachers and installation of the teachers' librar
[2018-04-26] [Ethiopia] Supporting the awareness training program for parents of students from 5 public schools i
[2018-04-26] [Ethiopia] Providing the educational program of domestically produced alternative sanitary pad for m