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KVO provides local people in its target region with emergency aid and relief goods which include clothing, medicine and food. KVO is dedicated to help those who are suffering from malnutrition and disease by sending relief goods collected from wealthier regions trying to balance the gap between the rich and the poor. Since its foundation it has supplied 200 tons of relief goods such as medicine, medical equipment, clothing, blankets, and living necessities to Bolivia (South America), Mongolia, Sakhalin (Russia), and Thailand. In addition, it has also provided emergency aid realizing that there are still many countries around the world which suffer from poverty and hunger.

KVO rebuilt schools to educate native youth and helps them have a chance to learn with educational materials and scholarships.
Those areas are as following: Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, Chiang Rai in Thailand, Heirong River Province in China, Riberalta in Bolivia.

 - Supplying educational materials and scholarship for the schools in Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, Chiang Rai in Thailand, Heirong River Province in China, Riberalta in Bolivia

 - Saving people like children, teenagers, elderly people, physically challenged people, natives who are not able to stand by
    themselves due to poor condition and social structure problems
 - Operating medical care centers and shelters for handicapped, elderly people, drug addicted in the jungle of Riberalta,
 - Supporting a nursing home and an orphanage in Riveralta

For third country natives and orphans, who didn't receive any basic health care, KVO provides a long period of sanitation medical care, such as giving out medicine, prevention of epidemics, vaccination, and so on.
Operating a free hospital and consulting the concerned treatment in the jungle of Riberalta, Bolivia

 - Dispatching medical personnel and providing UNV(United Nations Volunteers) in Sangha, Cambodia
 - Helping renovation and extension work for the hospital in Jicamaica, Peru
 - Running Malaria center in DR.Congo

Field survey and Research work help to understand difference between each culture. KVO also helps to make efficient supporting plans, fitting into political and economic environments there

KVO recruits volunteers who are willing to work devotedly in countries it supports. They will contribute to strengthen friendships with those in need from the countries by supporting with education and technology.

For economic independence, KVO sends volunteers and engineers to help those in need to have the opportunity to learn and make money by themselves.