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The Background of Support
Most children who lost their parents due to AIDS, come to give up the study, sell themselves and wander about the street and labor market. As a result, AIDS, the vicious cycle that they are infected with again is repeated. However the Ethiopian government prohibits the establishment of an orphanage for children, whose parents died due to AIDS or an endemic. Also, the government let relatives or local communities bring them up, so most of them live in a relative¡¯s home. However, if the relatives who have serious trouble economically supply food to children at least, it will be a happy feature of a misfortune. Also, it is difficult for most relatives to support children¡¯s education. Therefore we want to support them to take school education and to be a competent African in the future through forming education connection.

The Content of the Project
The educational spending would be needed for a student to study at a school with tuition fee, books, stationery, all allowance, etc. so that the educational spending is necessary to establish a donating relationship.
First a supporter forms the connection with the child who has not taken the education by adopting a child, making a friend, and establishing a sisterhood in a school, a company or a group. Then the educational spending is supplied to the child in the form of scholarship through the local school formed a sisterhood relationship with KVO International

The scale and plan of the project operation
1) Supporting funds : Providing a child with educational spending on a monthly.
Tuition fee, stationery, traffic, allowance and food expenses etc
2) The area of family connection: Ethiopia, Kenya
3) The counsel and management for children
 - Choice & Counsel : Each school¡¯s teacher
 - The management of connection and support situations: Nurturing Specialists (two people)
 - Support of training for experts except the cost of the project for family connection.
4) Project management : the Africa and Kenya branch and 5 persons committee of KVO
5) The contents of Project management
 - Opening bank accounts per child
 - Granting supporting fund (on the monthly or weekly basis)
 - Counseling with each child and his family and management of supporting
 - Supporting correspondence with each sponsor