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The member of an individual, a group, and a company participating in support of The Five hundred People¡¯s Table has to appoint the time in their charge, and be a day cook to support monthly a day¡¯s meal of five hundred children. Also, they have to support children with giving regularly certain money (about two hundred fifty dollars per one table for five hundred children).

To help the children of poor countries live a decent life at least, The Five hundred People¡¯s Table provides children all over the world with meals. It gives them their fill even just one meal a day lest they should suffer from disease and starvation. Through this meal service they are given school education by the education connection [One Thousand Angels] and the youth are provided with vocational training proper in their local circumstances. By doing activities like these, our organization tries to help children to stand their own feet in the financial, physical and mental aspects and further become the leader of the future of their country.

For street children who do not have only one meal a day, we are providing them with meals as the unit of five hundred people in a region. In Addis Ababa, which is the capital of Ethiopia now we provide five hundred children with meals for the first time. This movement (The Five hundred People¡¯s Table) will spread out in Africa and all over the world.

If you become a member of The Five hundred People¡¯s Table, we will give you a picture frame, which has a picture of bright children in a global village. Also, people who apply for membership are posted with their pictures and names on the notice board of the feeding facility, and we aim to get the children to have the mind of thanks to the supporters. Therefore, we will thank you if you attach a picture of yourself, your family or staff in your company with the support member application.

The members participating in the One Thousand Angels Support form an educational connection with the native children, and regularly support them with certain money.

The member of the One Thousand Angels Support provides a child with certain money every month (18 dollars).

We will expand steadily education support business for children all over the world by adopting a child, making a friend, and establishment of a sisterhood in a school, a company and a meeting.

This project applies to all the people in the poor countries all over the world, and the first practice was started from the children of Ethiopia in Africa, the most needy country. We will establish the sisterhood relationship with the local schools and the children are supported in the form of scholarship through the schools. KVO International and local 5-person committee will offer our service in exchanging the letters between the supporters and the beneficiary through school teachers and volunteers.

To the members of One Thousand Angels, we will send the picture of the children who formed the education connection with you. Also the pictures of the supporters will be sent to the children. Thus we shall be thankful if you put your picture on the membership application.

 - General Membership As a General Member, there are two ways of supporting like donating every month or for one

 - Besides, there are also various ways of supporting membership such as Piggy Bank support, Commodities support, and
    Volunteer support, etc.

 - Donating a van, Computer, Stationery, Medical Equipment, Clothes, Blankets, Musical Instrument, etc


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