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work support volunteer
 - Mail related work
 - Office work assistance
 - Saving box related work
 - Make material data and website related work
 - Take pictures and make pamphlets

Professional volunteer
 - translation of English
 - interpretation volunteers in Insadong tour information

volunteer in charge of activity
 - savings related work (distribution, collection and accounting arrangement )
 - goods collection and arrangement
 - helper for various events
 - volunteer leading the international education programs

 - free provision¡¯s meal program of The Five hundred People¡¯s Table
 - activity of the One Thousand Angels Support participation (meeting, friendship with angels)
 - activity of volunteer related with job education
 - work like building a house
 - youth culture support
 - activity of volunteer related with agriculture
 - activity of volunteer related with AIDS prevention education and support
 - medical activity of volunteer
 - public relations support
 - IT support